Give Him Priority

Last week’s tip for loving the imperfect man you married was to Embrace Imperfection.

Tip #2 is this:

Give him priority.

As women, we’re multi-taskers. Lots of things and people clamor for our attention. We do, however, have limited bandwidth. We can’t be all things to all people. To get it all done, we often put our husbands on the back burner. When kids are young, we may think that their needs are more urgent and those of our husband can wait.

The truth is, a marriage can’t wait for your kids to grow up but kids can wait while you nurture your marriage. As a matter of fact, it gives them a sense of security to see you prioritizing your marriage.

I remember driving home one day after a long day of counseling, saying to myself, “I have nothing left.” I hoped my husband didn’t have any needs, as I was empty and spent. It dawned on me how often I felt I had nothing left. Not long after, I heard a story of a young married medical student doing his residency. He would work extremely long hours and yet was very intentional about saving some energy for home. His constant thought was, “They’re not getting all of me.”

Consciously saving energy for your husband is important. Prioritizing your marriage over friends, kids, work, tasks will reap rewards in all other aspects of your life. Keeping a reserve that only he can tap into will vitalize your marital friendship and keep those home fires burning. Don’t let other priorities get all of you.

Check back next week for another of the 10 Tips to Loving an Imperfect Husband!

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