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One-third of all married couples divorce before their ten-year anniversary. They struggle to overcome unmet expectations, unanticipated conflict, and disagreements about money, sex, children, and more. In this practical and hopeful book, licensed marriage and family therapist Laura Taggart helps young couples stay on the right side of this statistic. Making Love Last guides them to examine their true expectations for marriage, provides six action steps for improving the way they relate, and gives them a new picture of what it means to enjoy marriage for a lifetime. Each chapter includes discussion questions for couples or small groups as well as additional questions for personal reflection.

Laura Taggart has been a licensed marriage and family therapist for 33 years. As director of marriage and family ministry at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville, California, she founded a highly successful marriage mentoring ministry to help young couples develop a solid foundation for their young and often struggling marriages. A popular speaker at conferences and retreats, she has also taught as an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary.


“A practical and wise guide on
a crucial subject.”
— John Ortberg

senior pastor of Menlo Church, author of All the Places to Go

“Falling in love is easy! Yet, as many of us well know, staying happily married over a lifetime is another story… If you once were madly in love but now find yourself drifting toward relational disappointment and disillusionment, take heart, because wonderful help begins just a few pages away.”
from the foreword by Milan and Kay Yerkovich

authors of How We Love

“For over thirty years I’ve watched the results of Laura Taggart’s skillful love for raw marriages. Now she has produced an excellent resource for every couple hoping to create, rescue, or deepen love in their marriage. Great, fulfilling marriages take heart and skill. Laura addresses both. She names our real struggles clearly and honestly. Then she offers hope for a loving future with believable, practical, well-focused direction. Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection and discussion–these alone are worth the cost of the book! This book will help many of us love well.”
Scott Farmer

retired pastor of Community Presbyterian Church, Danville

“As a pastor, I help couples plan storybook weddings. Making Love Last is the gift I’ll bring to every one of them. Laura understands the unique challenges couples face today. Her honesty, wisdom, and practical tools give couples what they need to transition from a storybook wedding to a thriving marriage.”
Mark Wollan

senior pastor of San Ramon Presbyterian Church

“Insights gleaned from Laura Taggart’s thirty years as a marriage counselor are woven into stories of her clients–young couples who face common problems that threaten their commitment. Taggart untangles the immediate issues by shedding light on what has brought the couple to the point of crisis and shows them how their crisis is an opportunity for growth, resulting in a deeply satisfying relationship. Making Love Last is aimed at young couples, but it brings benefits and wisdom to all marriages. It’s on the top of my go-to gift list.”
Suzanne Woods Fisher

bestselling author of Amish Peace

“This book is for all of us who keep trying harder and harder at our marriages but feel like we are not seeing results. Laura’s radical suggestion? Stop trying so hard and dare to try something different. Making Love Last takes your marriage into new and wild territories in order to help couples not only talk about changing their marriages but actually grow them. Laura explores how your differences can make you a stronger couple, looks at the real motivations of why we do what we do, and even suggests creative ways to handle conflict. Couples who go through this book will have all the tools they need to approach their marriage in new, healthy, and, dare I say, fun ways.”
Kathi Lipp

author of the Publishers Weekly bestseller The Husband Project, Clutter Free, and Overwhelmed

“If you are confused, disappointed, or even in despair about your marriage, Making Love Last will give you help and hope. Well-written and easy to read, this book will give you new insights about marriage and practical approaches for tending, mending, and renewing your love. All of this in the context of spiritual healing and Christian growth. Written for young marrieds, it’s a good read for anyone who seeks lasting love at any stage of relationship.”
Rev. Mary Steege

licensed marriage and family therapist

“Laura has traveled the terrain of early marriage with enumerable young couples and knows intimately the challenges and disillusionments they face. We all want a great marriage but most of us don’t know how to get there. In Making Love Last, Laura provides a goldmine of wisdom and practical help that will guide and inspire couples toward that great marriage they long for. A must read for all young (and old!) couples!”
Claudia and David Arp

authors of the 10 Great Dates series

“This book is daring, bold, and inspiring. It challenges millennials to think differently about marriage in a generation where divorce is commonplace. Laura gives us a gentle nudge and a refreshing perspective on marriage as she dares us to lean in to our relationships to make love last instead finding replacements.”
Teagan Darnell, MA, LMFT

“This book is an incredible opportunity to be mentored and counseled by a wonderful Christian counselor in Laura Taggart. She brings practical advice and hope in building the foundation you need for success in your marriage for a lifetime. A healthy marriage is always an intentional marriage and Laura will give you the tools needed to Make Love Last.”
Jim Burns, PhD

president of HomeWord; author of Creating an Intimate Marriage, Closer, and Getting Ready for Marriage

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