Why I Love Millennials

Just yesterday I was talking with a young millennial I admire and she was protesting the bad rap her demographic receives. Millennials have been depicted as entitled, indulged, and having a poor work ethic and she didn’t relate to any of these characterizations. None of us like to be stereotyped, especially if it’s negative. At the risk of positively stereotyping, I’d like to give a shout out for the things I love about most millennials I know.

  1. They are all about relationship. Developing community and initiating conversation around areas of interest is a huge priority. Staying connected with friends and loved ones matters and they make big efforts to do so.
  2. They are wonderfully innovative. They don’t accept the status quo. They want to know the “why” of things, to figure out what works and what doesn’t and are eager to apply their creativity to improving what is and designing what isn’t… yet.
  3. They care about the world they live in. Contrary to suggestions that they are all about themselves, most millennials are deeply concerned about injustice and the poor and oppressed. Many are significantly engaged in alleviating world hunger and reaching beyond themselves to care for those in need.

So next time you want to bash a millennial, get to know them. You might find the experience inspiring!

Love to hear your stories of millennials doing inspiring things! Please post as a comment to my blog or send your story to laurataggart4@gmail.com!

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