Be Thankful for Your Husband

The final bit of helpful instruction I can provide in the 10 Tips to Loving an Imperfect Husband series, is this…

Be thankful for your husband.

Because we tend to focus on what needs improving or the negative, we tend to overlook the good already present. Train yourself to marinate your thinking in the good. Learn the art of being grateful in all circumstances. Being thankful has enormous benefits to you personally and to your marriage (and your children)!

Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Thankfulness is an anti-dote to dangerous thinking. It keeps your mind focused on the positives and the potentialities of your relationship rather than on comparing to others, escaping or ever-tempting compatibility issues.
  • Being thankful repositions your heart–from nursing your wounds, to contentment and joy. Thankfulness frees you to appreciate what you have been given.
  • Being thankful opens your heart to receive who your husband is, and leaves changing your husband to the One who made him.

Loving an imperfect husband is made easier if you remember two things: you are not perfect either and marriage is the perfect place for your and your husband’s imperfections to be exposed and transformed.

Since you both are imperfect, patience, forgiveness, and grace will be required. As you live out the daily responsibilities and challenges of life, you will have to learn to lean into each other, even though the other may fail you at times. Your flaws will be exposed as in no other relationship of your life. You may even be tempted to blame your spouse for your flaws. However, marriage is designed to surface your imperfections, so that each of you might be challenged to grow, change and become. Marriage just might be the most transforming adventure you will ever experience!

Enjoy the journey!

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