Creating a New Normal

In this uncertain time, much of what we’ve experienced as our normal routine has been upended. Kids are home, parents are working from home, leaving to do your regular activities- going to the gym, enjoying a dinner out, getting away for the weekend- are all off the table. Come find out how to begin to create a new normal in our current situation!

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Kindness Rocks

During times of great trials, we see the best and worst in people. There are some wonderful acts of kindness that are happening around the world that are lightening the weight of the epidemic. Come be inspired and share your own encouraging stories!

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Overcoming Fear

In times of uncertainty, people seem to go into fear and control. Fear that they won’t have enough, fear for their own welfare, fear of the future. Sometimes fear makes people irritable and demanding like our friend at the water station. For some, fear is an isolator. They become self-focused and disconnect from those around them. Come find out some ways to calm your fears and encourage others along the way!

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