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Do you need a word of encouragement, a fresh perspective or helpful resources to inspire new possibilities in the most important relationships of your life? Then you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to explore my website. And consider yourself invited to connect, via e-mail or by signing up for my blog. I’d like to hear from you!

Be a Loving Listener

Listening to another person for any length of time is not easy. If we are honest, most of us will admit that we’d rather be listened to and understood than to listen to our mates. Here are some tips to help you and your mate become loving listeners and deepen your sense of connection.

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Unplug The Argument

Ever notice how just one word can inflame an argument? Conflict can get out of hand quickly. Depending on how much emotional reserves you have in your tank, small issues can escalate into major ruptures of relationship. Here’s some tips for de-escalating a heating conversation.

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Grow Your Spiritual Connection

Learning to pray together as a couple will enhance your spiritual intimacy. Praying together joins your hearts and invites God into the daily challenges you face. Acknowledging your shortcomings through prayer can soften your heart toward each other and enable you to offer forgiveness more quickly. Praying for family members, work pressures, and life’s challenges can help you trust God in a deeper way as you see Him at work in your life.

Praying together consistently keeps your relationship focused on what is eternally important. There is no need to impress your spouse with your words as you pray. Keep it simple and sincere. Find out other ways to grow your spiritual connection.

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Laura is a dynamic speaker who brings humor, wisdom, practical insights and spiritual depth to her audience in a way that truly changes lives. She has a passion for helping people shed the fears and beliefs that hinder them from loving well and embrace the joy they were made to experience in marriage and in life. She would be honored to bring this passion to your next event. Please click here to contact her for more information.

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What others are saying…

“Laura Taggart will feel like a close friend when you hear her speak! She is so honest, transparent and real! Her compassion around the issues people are dealing with and her experience are a perfect combination and a most effective teaching style. We have attended numerous lectures and retreats she has offered and are always impressed and amazed with her effectiveness. You will not be disappointed!”

Megan and Mark Klopp

“Laura Taggart is a wise and winsome communicator. Her teaching style invites listeners to engage quickly. Laura shares with an honesty and authenticity that drops defenses and builds trust. You will gain deep insight and leave with practical tools that will take your marriage to the next level!”

Mark Wollan, Pastor,
Community Presbyterian Church, Danville, CA

“Laura Taggart offers a unique combination of compassion without judgment, gentleness with firmness, and truth wrapped in grace. A revered therapist, she is also a dynamic and compelling speaker. Whether it’s an intimate counseling session or a large speaking event, Laura inspires others to be better versions of themselves. She’s truly extraordinary!”

Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author

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