Two Habits to Break for Healthy Communication

We all long to have a mate that knows us intimately and moves toward us to meet our needs consistently. As a result of these longings, we develop expectations and make assumptions that interfere with the very intimacy we long for. Learn how to rid your relationship of...

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Sex in Marriage – 3 Tips for Wives About Sex

Have you lost interest in sex? Are you feeling less close to your husband than in earlier marriage? Do you find yourself feeling annoyed or even resentful toward your husband’s sexual interest? Would you like to enjoy and your physical connection? Here are 3 tips to...

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6 Tips for Loving Listening

Have you ever found your mind wandering when your spouse is talking? Do you find it difficult to pay focused attention to your mate, especially if you are under stress or have a laundry list of things to accomplish? Do you find yourself getting defensive and shutting...

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