The Five Love Languages

We usually give our mate the kinds of love we’d like to receive. If we like our mate to help us by doing a chore or task, when they give us a word of affirmation instead, it may not register on our “I feel loved” radar.

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What’s So Great About Being Incompatible?

Do you struggle with how different you are from your spouse? Do qualities you once thought endearing in your mate, now feel annoying? Do you ever wish you were more compatible? Listen in and learn how our differences can have surprising benefits!

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Money Matters in Marriage

Money can create a great deal of tension for many couples- how to spend it, when to save it, who manages it. Becoming partners as you navigate money issues will be important for the health of your marriage. Learn some ways to explore the meaning of money to you as a couple and how you can get on the same page!

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