6 Tips for Loving Listening

Have you ever found your mind wandering when your spouse is talking? Do you find it difficult to pay focused attention to your mate, especially if you are under stress or have a laundry list of things to accomplish? Do you find yourself getting defensive and shutting...

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4 Tips for a Great Apology

Have you ever received a heartfelt apology from someone? Feels great, right? You likely have also heard a less-than-sincere apology- “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Or, “I’m sorry but I didn’t have time!” Most of us don’t know how to offer a truly robust apology that...

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No More Perfect Marriages

Do you ever wonder what it takes to have a perfect marriage?  I’ll let you in on a little secret; there are no perfect marriages!  Marriage is something that needs protection and tender care for a lifetime!

A refreshing read on how to restore or reboot your marriage, No More Perfect Marriages might be the perfect book for you.  Jill and Mark Savage recently published this beneficial book regarding growth in marital intimacy.

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