Do Men and Women Have Different Emotional Needs?

We all have basic needs to feel important and valued. But do men and women have different emotional needs? Based on her 30+ years of marital therapy, Laura has some pearls of wisdom to share about what women and men long for in their most intimate love relationship and offers help in how you can move toward your mate to meet their emotional needs and feel closer.

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Ground Rules for a Healthy Disagreement

Marital disagreements are inevitable as each partner has a unique perspective based on differences in upbringing, experience, gender, and personality. With some clear ground rules, couples can make their differences work for them as they navigate the challenges of life together. Join Laura as she offers seven specific suggestions for healthy disagreement.

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8 Habits of Resilient Couples

What allows one couple to bounce back from an argument or disagree without feeling disconnected while another stays stuck in animosity? Listen in as Laura shares eight habits of resilient couples.

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